Chrissy Winger

A little about me

I am a graduate with a B.S. in Broadcasting and Digital Media Production, and an emphasis in creative writing. My study was in television and film production.

I’m an aspiring television director/producer, having already worked on a multitude of film projects in a variety of crew roles. I am also currently working on a sci-fi novel, which I believe will be a hit with the sci-fi fans, especially for those who love space adventures.

I am actively working in the production field and always working on various video sets as well as live events, commercials, films, episodic television and web series, public service announcements, music videos, and more.

Feel free to contact or follow me at the following websites listed at the bottom of this page. You can also leave feedback on my contact form. Thank you for visiting.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Chrissy, I’m trying to get a low budget indy movie going. I have a director and am recruiting a crew. You may be able to get experience helping us get this off the ground. The budget is 100k. I’m not sure where you would fit in but there are lots of jobs we need to fill (on a very limited budget). We are here in Sandpoint, Id and plan to shoot much of the feature in Sprague, Wash. I can send the script if you’re interested.

    Paul Cox

    • Hi Paul, sorry about not seeing this sooner. Had been away from this for awhile. Hope you were able to get a good crew together and film it ok. I’d be interested to see the film!

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